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A Top Five Cell Phone Company Call Center Increased Their Sales Through Improved Communication

Organization – A top five U.S. cell phone company call center

Issue – A mobile phone call center director needed to reverse a drop in performance due to senior staff conflict and communication breakdown that had impacted the entire call center.

Outcome – Sales increased from an average $85.64 Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC) to an average $106.48 MRC. Before the intervention the center had a six-month record of MRCs in the low $70s to low $80s. In addition, average Call Resolution Time (CRT) was reduced by 10 minutes, making the operation more efficient. Executives attributed the increased performance of the center to the improved communication between senior staff members and their reports.

Process – A three-day Human Element based course called Accountable Communication Technology was given to the call center executives along with follow up coaching. Following that successful intervention, a two-day course was given to the leadership team’s direct reports.

Consultant/Company – Gina Crowley, Licensed Human Element Practitioner, Leadership Development Manager

Country – U.S.A.

Improving Team Function at Amdahl Corporation

Organization – Amdahl Computer (now Toshiba), an information technology company which specialized in IBM mainframe–compatible computer products

Issue – The project team in charge of launching a main server system had two key people who were often at odds with each other. Meetings became long and tiresome and hidden agendas competed with project productivity. The successful and timely launch of the new server system was suffering.

Outcome – The project team launched the system in keeping with its scheduled release, 80% faster than comparable competing projects at IBM. The Development Project manager reported that, “A decision that might have taken three to five 1-hour meetings to resolve before the seminar can now be resolved in one three to five-minute meeting. Our work group developed their plans in one third the time it used to take, and made a better plan.” The launch was so successful that IBM has appointed a 320-person task force to “catch up.”

Process – Management sent the two key managers to a variety of seminars and workshops but none seemed to make much of an impact except The Human Element. The rest of the project team attended Human Element workshops and the consultant was present onsite for the duration of the project to assist the team practice the concepts in real time as they did their work.

Consultant/Company – Ailish Schutz, Licensed Human Element Practitioner™, Will Schutz Associates

Country – U.S.A.

The Human Element® Helps Turn Around a Software Company 

Organization – An established software company that develops claims adjudication software for the healthcare industry.

Issue – The founders of the company wanted to position the company for sale, but in order to achieve the return on investment they desired, a complete turnaround in performance was required.

Outcome – Within twelve months the company was positioned for market and within sixteen months the owners had received two offers for purchase.

Leadership development efforts, along with short-term department objectives, paved the way for:

  • Accelerated software development
  • Accelerated customer implementations
  • Revamping of software development approach, becoming one of the first software companies to utilize resources in Vietnam
  • Re-energized sales and marketing efforts leading inroads into major prospects
  • Top-line revenue and income growth
  • A culture that promotes openness and direct communication
  • More focused (and limited) involvement from the co-founders

Process – A Powered by the Human Element® methodology was used extensively, from the training of key business leaders to quickly becoming a significant part of the culture.

Consultant/Company – Russ Salzer, Licensed Human Element Practitioner, Owner, 3YG Sales Training Technology

Country – U.S.A.

Become a Success Story

IT Company Grows 643% Using The Human Element as the Foundation for a Strong Company Culture

Organization – Gustafsson Data & Music – an information technology consulting company

Issue – The Sales and Marketing Manager wanted to create long-term business relationships with clients through improved customer service. Fundamental to GDM’s success was a need to build strong relationships between the customer and the GDM on-site consultants.

Outcome – From 2006 to 2014, GDM grew the company revenue from 16 mkr (Million Swedish Crowns) per year to 103 mkr – a 643% growth rate. They also grew internally – from 16 employees in 2006 to 98 employees in 2014. In addition, GDM has an unusually low turnover rate – only 6 people have left the company in its 22-year existence.

Process – The Human Element was the core of a new employee-training program designed to help create a strong company culture. Tommy Gustavsson, the founder and CEO, used The Human Element to develop a company culture with communication and openness as core values. 98% of all employees have attended The Human Element based new employee orientation program.

Consultant/Company – Per-Åke Sundholm, Master Licensed Human Element Practitioner, Co-founder of Taktik

Country – Sweden

Softtek – Start Up Focuses on Culture to Become Global Software Company with 30 Offices Around the World

Organization – Softtek, global provider of process-driven IT solutions. Softtek is the creator and a leader of the nearshore industry.

Issue – Culture and purpose as well as self-awareness have always been important to Softtek founders. Brave, bold startups are a great place to work on culture, but as the startup grows to a several-thousand person international company, the challenge and strength of creating an open, aware and innovative culture is important. This information technology leader first worked with The Human Element® when there were 30 employees and has made it a central part of on-boarding, team building, and innovation ever since. Through the years, they have made efforts to improve their culture many times and found ways to keep it alive and thriving.

Outcome – Softtek has grown from 12 people to a 12000+ employee, successful international operation over the course of 30+ years, with openness and accountability at the core of its culture. Today it continues to be a robust, successful, great place to work, with a culture that truly shows how openness, accountability and choice make a difference across diverse cultural backgrounds.

Intervention – Quídam Global has worked with the company since 1990 and over the years provided direct training, practitioner training, coaching and support. Decisions on how and when to use the Human Element materials and programs is left to highly capable internal practitioners, who also consult with Quídam to further adapt the work to their context. This has meant, over the years, creating various Human Element based programs in their internal consulting, being sure to keep the original concepts front and center.

Consultants – Jorge and Monica Diaz, Master Licensed Human Element Practitioners, Quídam Global
Daniel Peralta, Rubén Peralta, Marta Angélica Martínez, Licensed Human Element Practitioners

Softtek Internal Licensed Human Element Practitioners – Luis Revilla, Chief People Officer, Ricardo Morell, People Leader, Mexican Market, Arturo Zúñiga, People and Culture Manager, Monterrey, Mexico, Hilda Molina, Human Development, Gabriel Pérez Ponce, Culture Leader

Country – Mexico

“…an amazing creation. You started with a scientific approach that was far outside the mainstream. You introduce levels of honesty and integrity that had never before been seen in American management. I have consulted with many major corporations, most involved in long series of management fads, year after years. You have never been a fad. You have been outside the fickle mainstream and built a loyal client based and a thriving business.”

Michael Phillips
Author and Founder of MasterCard