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Shell – Team Building on a Deepwater Offshore Oil Rig

Organization – Shell Exploration and Production Company

Issue – How to launch Ram Powell successfully, a deep-water offshore development (rig) on a very short time schedule and with 73% nonlocal hires (a first for Shell, who usually hires locally), no shared culture and communication issues. Additionally, how to launch URSA successfully, Shell’s biggest deep-water oil platform, plagued with multiple start up problems.

Outcome – Ram Powell broke all records for reliability and performance. It had the best first year performance of any other tension leg platform for up-time. Designed for 85% up-time, it had 97%. URSA broke records as well; its up-time was 99% and during it’s first year, URSA outperformed it’s forecast by more than 14 million barrels.

Process – Four-day Human Element workshops with all 25 leaders, followed by Human Element workshops with 60 other employees and continual onsite consultation.

Consultant/Company – Ailish Schutz, Nan Wydler, Terry Gregory, Licensed Human Element Practitioners, Will Schutz Associates

Country – U.S.A. 

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