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A Successful Cultural Transformation Journey

Organization – SCAN AB

Consultant/Company – Elisabeth Flodin, Licensed Radical Collaboration Practitioner & Lars-Erik Jonsson, Licensed Radical Collaboration Practitioner, Differo

Country – Sweden

MAXimizing Human and Organizational Potential with The Human Element

Organization – MAX Hamburger Restaurants

Issue – High staff turnover and excessive sick leaves

Outcome – ISI Wissing, an independent polling company, demonstrated that MAX has Sweden’s most satisfied customers. Manager longevity increased dramatically – from 4 years to 10 years. Since 2003 MAX has tripled it’s size, quadrupled it’s revenue, and quintupled it’s profits.

Process – Developed Human Element based training programs, which make up the MAX Leadership Academy. A teambuilding program was developed for the MAX management team. The management team also underwent an in house Human Element Workshop. Elements of The Human Element were incorporated into all training as well as Radical Collaboration and The Implicit Career Search. Two in house trainers became Licensed Human Element Practitioners.

Consultant/Company – Jan Esensjö, Susan Petrina Esensjö, Licensed Human Element Practitioners, Licensed Radical Collaboration Practitioners, Founders, Petrina & Partners

Country – Sweden 

“No process so eloquently addresses the human perspective to leading change as The Human Element. Putting the fundamentals of The Human Element model to use allowed me to drastically redirect my personal and professional life and yielded greater results with much less effort and strife.”

Conrad L. Smith
Plant Manager, James River Corporation

Cultural Transformation Increases Profit by 246% in Beverage Company

Organization – Fifth largest wine importer in Sweden

Issue – A successful beverage company wanted to grow, but corporate culture was holding them back. Employees lacked communication skills and a focus on teamwork.

Outcome – In the two and a half years after beginning the intervention, profit increased by 246%, number of employees increased 32%, and major business initiatives grew from 4 per year to 20 per year.

Process – All employees attended a six day training using Radical Collaboration®, a Powered by The Human Element program. All staff received personal on site coaching for a minimum of 5 times annually (2 hours per session). Meetings were shadowed or facilitated by the Radical Collaboration consultant.

Consultant/Company – Peter Ryrvik, Licensed Radical Collaboration Practitioner, Management Consultant

Country – Sweden

“As manager at a Proctor & Gamble soap manufacturing plant, The Human Element had an amazing impact on me and that plant…it fundamentally changed the working relationships among people at the plant. Old wounds were healed and new bonds were formed.”

Mary A. Cusack
Supreme Commander, Joy Quest (Anchorage, Alaska)