About The Schutz Company

The Schutz Company is the authorized representative for The Human Element in the USA and Canada. We provide licensing training for practitioners, official program materials, content and marketing support for practitioners, and connection among the North American and worldwide Human Element practitioners who use this work. The Human Element is owned by Business Consultants, Inc. (BCon) of Japan.

The Human Element program is a unique transformative process that enables clients to achieve extraordinary organizational results by creating working conditions in which people remove barriers, solve problems, and achieve success. The Human Element combines expertise in human motivation and dynamics in organizations with scientifically validated assessments and transformative experiential methods.

The Schutz Company traces its origins back to Will Schutz Associates, started in 1979. We are committed to furthering the work begun by Will Schutz, PhD, creator of FIRO theory and The Human Element. Led now by his son, Ethan Schutz, The Schutz Company continues to expand and grow The Human Element body of work and use.

By training and supporting practitioners both in organizations and external, we expand our capacity to spread the use of The Human Element to many industries and all areas of organizational life. We are committed to helping people achieve their goals: financial, social, and environmental.

The Human Element principles of truth, choice, self-awareness, aliveness and a focus on continuous improvement drive everything we do at The Schutz Company.

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Ethan, Lorin, Jerry, Dylan and Paola

Our Team

Ethan Schutz, President and CEO
Dylan Ozmore, Partner

Lorin Gold, Principal
Paola Porras, Director of Operations

Jerry Miller, Partner

We create cultures that bring out the best in people

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