Ethan Schutz in conversation with Dr. Wanda Wallace…

  • What is it that makes relationships so complicated?
  • Where do we get stuck?
  • What can we do to make relationships easier?
  • How can we have a more positive impact on the organizational culture?

Ethan Schutz explains the importance of…

  • understanding what people want from each other in relationships
  • compatibility in teams
  • dealing with rigidity and defensiveness in human interactions
  • decision-making in teams

Edgar Papke explains the importance of…

  • helping leaders, teams and organizations get alignment
  • the four key elements of alignment
  • the central role of conflict in organizational change processes
  • coaching a team’s leader

Jim Tamm explains…

  • the Radical Collaboration approach
  • the five essential skills for collaboration
  • the crucial role of defensiveness
  • the factors that lead to cultural change