Practitioner Training | The Human Element®

The Licensed Human Element Practitioner™ (LHEP) program is the flagship offering of The Human Element body of work—a cutting-edge, scientifically validated methodology that has been developed and refined over the last 70 years.

You will learn to use The Human Element methodology and its full range of content. Upon completion, you are licensed in the world’s leading approach for creating the human dynamics of breakthrough performance, joining an active network of hundreds of licensed practitioners from around the world.

You gain access to and are trained in the full breadth of The Human Element tools, content, and practices all based on an integrated methodology and a single, overarching model of interpersonal relations — FIRO theory. This approach has been proven over decades to transform organizations rapidly and reliably, accelerate their growth, and expand results.

Step 1: The Human Element® Program

The process of becoming a Licensed Human Element Practitioner (LHEP™) begins with experiencing The Human Element®. This foundational 5-day program is designed to immerse you in the methodology. During this program, you will gain a deep understanding of the human dynamics of organizations, enabling you to have a rapid impact on behavior and results. You will be given effective tools for creating a new kind of company culture with new ways of operating, collaborating, and innovating together. You’ll be left with a new level of self-awareness, confidence, and an expanded capacity to lead a more open, creative, and fulfilling life.

No process so eloquently addresses the human perspective to leading change as The Human Element. Putting the fundamentals of The Human Element model to use allowed me to drastically redirect my personal and professional life and yielded greater results with much less effort and strife. 

Conrad L. Smith Plant Manager, James River Corporation

Step 2: The Licensed Human Element Practitioner™ Program

Who Should Attend

The LHEP™ program offers a range of benefits for both internal and external practitioners, and for leaders:

Consultants & OD Practitioners

  • A range of tools and modules applicable in all kinds of consulting situations 
  • A methodology that is specifically created for dynamic human systems change 
  • An organizational survey (Element O) as well as means for comprehensive change interventions 


  • Substantial practice/training in a unique way of facilitating groups 
  • An effective model for addressing adult learning needs and overcoming common barriers to learning 
  • Transformative training experience supported by integrated psychometric instruments 


  • Tools for addressing human issues directly, leading to lasting results
  • Increased leadership skills and confidence through enhancing social intelligence
  • A means to maximize individual, team, and organizational potential


  • A methodology that can be used for team as well as individual coaching
  • A way to clarify the coaching procedure and end goals
  • A structured approach that is consistent with larger organizational development interventions

What You Will Gain

Upon successful completion of the program, Licensed Human Element Practitioners are licensed to use the full range of Human Element content. You may:
  • Use The Human Element methodology in transformational consulting, training, and coaching
  • Deliver The Human Element Program (Parts 1 and 2)
  • Purchase and use Human Element program workbooks and materials for use in consulting, training, and coaching
  • Purchase and use FIRO®-based Elements of Awareness instruments:
  • Use Human Element teambuilding and leadership processes including:
    • Atmosphere and Role Compatibility
    • Team Compatibility Index
    • Concordance Decision Making process
Group cohort building takes place throughout the program. You will learn The Human Element style of group work and gain:
  • A mastery in the human dynamics of organizations and breakthrough performance
  • Membership in a global community of forward-thinking organizational leaders licensed in this work
  • A whole new level of effectiveness and leadership in your organization and in your life
  • an opening for a more joyful and creative existence


Activities for the program are scheduled to maximize participant learning through active engagement, hands-on facilitation practice, and feedback.

The program begins with one 1-hour optional virtual session to introduce the material and set the stage. 

During each day of the in-person session, one Human Element module is used for the day’s practice and instruction. The program leader provides information about the module, its history, purpose, and design. Small groups spend time to plan presentations for the module, which are delivered in the afternoon to the other members of the group. Following delivery, workshop participants and the program leader provide feedback. Each day ends with advanced sessions or further personal work.

Following the in-person session there is a two-day virtual session covering application and selling client engagements using the methodology. Participants use the material in real-world settings so that they begin to use the work immediately.

The program has two tracks, which are addressed simultaneously:

  1. Learning the content of The Human Element methodology
  2. Experiencing the process and benefits of the methodology by building the cohort group.



  • 12 day in-person session: 9:00am to 10:00pm each day Eastern Time
  • 2-day virtual session: 11:00am to 6:00pm each day Eastern Time


8 to 24 people


US $10,000 (Lodging and transportation are separate)


Tarrytown, New York