Powered by The Human Element

Be a Leader People Want to Follow

Our Leadership program helps people increase their self-awareness and interpersonal capacities necessary to become effective leaders — leaders who others willingly and enthusiastically want to follow.

Increase Emotional and Social Intelligence
Enhance Creativity
Greater Personal Clarity
Increase Trust
Focus and Conviction

The Aims of the Leadership Program

Leadership Powered by The Human Element is a systematic approach for improving the way leaders work together with their teams, leading to greater accomplishment of goals and better individual, team, and organizational performance.

The program is an interactive workshop loaded with practical tools. It is designed to give participants maximum practice for developing their capacity to lead by helping them become more aware, lead others more effectively, get out of their own way, and reduce their unproductive, defensive behaviors.


Principles for creating continuous, positive change


Based on over 50 years of research and application (FIRO theory)


Practice speaking openly and accountably, having difficult conversations, and improving group functioning and problem solving

Become a Licensed Practitioner


Part One: Individual Awareness

Getting out of your own way

  • The high cost of blaming others
  • What people don’t like about themselves and each other
  • Identifying what “pushes your buttons”
  • Reducing defensiveness in the midst of difficult circumstances

Communicating openly and candidly

  • Candor, the fastest route to problem resolution
  • Communicating what you know: your experience
  • Conveying messages through sharing rather than advice
  • Practicing real listening and asking good questions

Being fully accountable

  • Understanding the choices we make
  • The unconscious reasons for our choices
  • Eliminating blame and shame
  • Personal responsibility and accountability

Increasing self-awareness

  • Personal behavioral and relationship patterns
  • Three basic behavioral areas common to all people (FIRO Theory)
  • How behaviors impact individual effectiveness
  • Increasing personal and interpersonal effectiveness through feedback and reflection

Connecting human behavior and motivation

  • Emotional drivers of behavior
  • How others see you
  • Emotional traps that sabotage the workplace and undermine productivity
  • Understanding behavioral flexibility and rigidity

Changing ingrained behavioral patterns

  • The origins of our perceptual distortions
  • Cleaning your perceptual lens in order to see situations more accurately and make better decisions
  • The impact of past experiences on current behavior
  • Letting go of self-limiting beliefs

Part Two: Building Leadership Skills

Unleashing individual and team potential

  • Business simulation exercise using all key tools
  • Working through interpersonal conflict
  • Engaging in difficult conversations
  • Recovering after mistakes

Improving relationship and team atmosphere

  • Creating an effective team culture through appreciation
  • Supporting others
  • Improving relationships and building trust
  • Leading better by treating yourself well

Ethan Schutz

President and CEO of The Schutz Company

Ethan Schutz promotes, encourages, and directs the use, development, and expansion of Human Element solutions through a network of practitioners and partners in over 30 countries. He delivers training, coaching, and in-depth practitioner training programs to support consultant excellence and creativity.

Ron Luyet

Co-founder, Green Zone Culture Group

Ron Luyet is co-founder of The Green Zone Culture Group whose consulting practice focuses on building collaborative work environments and he is a Senior Global Consultant with Business Consultants Inc. of Japan. He is also co-creator of the Radical Collaboration partnership building training program offered in countries around the globe.