FIRO Elements of Awareness

The backbone of The Human Element approach for organizational transformation

An integrated series of instruments designed to measure various aspects of human functioning and human relationships.

The Elements of Awareness are a series of psychometric instruments based on FIRO Instruments. Each Element measures one aspect of a person or relationship. Together, these instruments comprise the backbone of the Human Element approach.

The purpose of all of the Elements of Awareness is to provide information for expanding self-awareness. Increased self-awareness improves understanding of why people behave in the way that they do, how they interact, and the relation between behavior and consequences in the work environment. The result is greater effectiveness as leaders, managers or team members.

The Elements of Awareness are integrated into our Human Element programs and combined with a variety of experiential methods to form a holistic, transformational learning experience that leads to profound improvements in individual, team, and organizational performance and better business results.

Elements of Awareness:


Understand Personal Motivation
and Behavior

Element B: Behavior (originally FIRO-B)
Element F: Feelings (originally FIRO-F)
Element S: Self-Concept
Element J: Job Fit
Element E: Self-Esteem
Element E – Leader Version: Self-Esteem


Resolve Problems and
Improve Working Relationships

Element W: Work Relations
Element T: Openness (Truth)


Identify and Resolve
Organizational Issues

Element O: Organizational Climate